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How to Care for a Stray, Lost or Injured Racing, Homing Pigeon
Water is necessary before all else.

Water is necessary before all else. Since pigeons drink by suction, any water container should be at least 1 in. (2.5 cm) deep. An open container, i.e., a dish, an old margarine container tub, etc., is best. While a thirsty bird may drink immediately, it also may not. A bird which has gone without water for a while is sometimes a bit less than itself. It may be so exhausted, it doesn't even realise that water is in front of it, especially if the water container you use is different from what it is familiar with. A trick is to trickle a few drops of water from on high into the container to make a splashing sound. When they hear that, most birds will invariably head to drink. If a bird looks really exhausted, Gatorade or other proprietary sports drink may be added to the water. A teaspoon or two per cup (250 ml) of water will help replenish electrolytes.

What do I feed the pigeon?

Pigeons are grain eaters. While park pigeons will eat bread, most domestic birds have been raised on a multi-grain mixture and have never seen a slice of bread. In fact, they would likely ignore it as possible food. Instead of bread, you might try feeding them something else from around the house. Popcorn (maize), rice, split peas, barley, buckwheat (kasha), canary seed, etc., are all good first options to feed a lost bird with. These grains should not be cooked or popped but fed raw.

Should you have to provide food for the pigeon for more than a few days while you are waiting on finding its owner or in an attempt to build up the pigeons strength so it can recover to make the journey home, then it is strongly advised that you try and obtain a good healthy and balanced feed. Any racing or show pigeon fancier or your local pet shop can supply a suitable pigeon grain mix.

Homing Pigeons are continually asked to recommend a pigeon feed for those people kind enough to look after these tired, injured and lost racing pigeons, so we have put together a quality blended mix of pigeon seed and made it available to purchase from our shop in small quantity bag sizes. The smallest size is 500 grams which can feed 1 pigeon for up to 10 days : Abbeyton Group Shop

What should I keep the pigeon in?

Any container that a dog or cat can't get into will be fine. An old bird cage will hold the pigeon for a day or so with no problem, as will a cardboard box - a screen on top of such a box is better than simply closing the flaps since there will then be enough light for the bird to see to eat and drink.

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