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Frequently Asked Questions About Lost Racing, Homing Pigeons
I have a pigeon with leg ring bands and it is roaming around my garden, what do I do?

Every weekend from March to October, 1,000's of racing pigeons are actively racing up and down the Country from distances of 60 miles up to 500 miles but due to weather conditions, peregrine falcons, overhead cables or tiredness many racing pigeons get injured, lost or stop to rest to find food and water, before attempting the journey home again. You can help by putting out some water in a shallow dish and some seeds for the pigeon. After a few days of doing this stop feeding the pigeon. It will attempt to go home again when it becomes hungry enough. If it is tame enough to come to you, it is injured or it will not leave after a few days then it is best to to catch it, get its ring band details and report it missing to the correct organisation.

How do I catch the pigeon, it keeps flying away when I get near it?

Encourage the pigeon to the ground with some bird seeds and attempt to gain its trust to get close enough to drop a washing basket or towel over it. Or you could put out a trail of seeds to a confined area where you can contain or trap it, like a greenhouse, shed, garage or porch.

Can I phone someone to come and take it from my garden?

Unfortunately there are no organisations that go around picking up lost pigeons, the best solution for getting some help would be to get in touch with a local pigeon man near you or contact your local pigeon club. Ask your local pet shop, grain merchant or the library for finding someone local.

I can't catch the pigeon but I have some of the ring band details, does that help?

No I am afraid it does not help if the ring band information is incomplete. There are well over 300,000 registered pigeon rings in the UK and there is no way of finding its owner with partial information.

I have all the ring band information but the pigeons is on the roof of my house?

You can not report a racing pigeon lost unless you have the pigeon contained and in your possession. Even if you have managed to get all the ring band details to trace its owner, without the pigeon contained the owner cannot come or send a carrier to collect it from you. If you contact the owner and you don't have the pigeon contained they will advise you to catch the pigeon or just leave it alone.

I have been feeding a pigeon now for 2 weeks and it will not go home?

Its hanging around your garden because it is being given a free meal. Try catching the pigeon and taking it out into the Country and letting it go. It will after getting into the air and gaining height head for home. Racing pigeons get there bearings and head for home once they are high enough up in the sky.

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