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Report a Stray, Lost, Found or Injured Racing, Homing Pigeon

This is a champion racing pigeon. It should not be confused with the wild pigeons which frequent city buildings. Occasionally during the racing season even champions get lost and may require assistance.


All racing pigeons carry a hard plastic ring on their leg which identifies its owner. The first few letters on the ring indicates the issuing organisation, the next two numbers identify its year of birth, the remaining letter and numbers identify its registered owner.


A racing pigeon may carry two rings one on each leg. One will either be a rubber band ring or an electronic timing tag, a chip ring, these are used for clocking the pigeon in when it arrives back at its loft from a race.


A Champion Racing Homing Pigeon

A Champion Racing Pigeon 


Please Note:- Do not report pigeons that are not in your possession. Owners cannot arrange to collect pigeons that are roaming or flying around your home or garden. You must catch the pigeon first. When you have the pigeon in your possession read and write down carefully all the letters and numbers on the plastic coloured ring. For example:- it will read something like this : GB 16 R 12345

 Ring Prefix  UK Organisation / Union  Website Contact Information
 SU  Scottish Homing Union  Report Lost SU Rung Pigeons
 GB  Royal Racing Pigeon Association  Report Lost GB Rung Pigeons
 IHU  Irish Homing Union  Report Lost IHU Rung Pigeons
 WHU  Welsh Homing Pigeon Union  Report Lost WHU Rung Pigeons
 NEHU  North of England Homing Union  Report Lost NEHU Rung Pigeons
 NWHU  North West Homing Union  Report Lost NWHU Rung Pigeons
 AERC  All England Roller Club  Report Lost AERC Roller Pigeons

Before reporting a stray pigeon to any of the listed organisations, first open the pigeons wing and check if the owners name or telephone number has been ink stamped on the underside of its flight feathers, also check the ID tags on its legs for contact details. If so then you can contact the owner direct. If not then report the ring prefix details to the relevant organisation. They will then contact the owner.

Information and on how to look after a stray, lost or found racing pigeon :


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